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From 13th to 16th November took place EXPO-PISCINE in Lyon, one of the major European fairs on swimming pools, SPA and all related products. POOLBIKE presented important novelties, among them the enlargement of the POOLTREKKING range, the models designed for rehabilitation and training of high level athletes caused great expectation.


The EURO SPA POOL NEWS magazine, the newspaper of reference in France for Professionals in the Pool and Spa Industry, features an article on POOLBIKING, focusing on the innovation and the quality of their products and recognizes the brand as leader in the aquabiking market.


In France, we are tendency, POOLBIKING or AQUABIKING activities are present in many pools and fitness centers. We collaborate with everyone from in spreading the activity; from here we congratulate your excellent work.

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The IBEROSTAR ANTHELIA Hotel, one of the best 5-star resorts in Tenerife, has started POOLBIKING sessions as outstanding novelty for its guests. Due to the great success of the activity, IBEROSTAR has decided to incorporate POOLBIKING to other hotels of the same brand.

JULY 2012

A Rehabilitation and Functional Recovery Center opens in Madrid, with high qualified professionals with extensive experience in the rehabilitation of high performance sportsman The center is equipped with the very last technology, it has a multifunctional pool with a POLBIKING EVOLUTION and a POOLTREKKING treadmill. According to Jaime Benito, the center’s responsible, water is the best way to channel weightlessness, motion and resistance, POOLBIKE provides the best biomechanical to achieve these benefits.

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JUNE 2012
POOLBIKING in TIKEAU, French Polynesian

Pedaling in the crystal waters of Tikeau island beaches, in the French Polynesia, a pleasure for the senses that just some can live. We will like to congratulate, Françoise Paumier, owner of the company TIKEHAU PLONGEE for the excellent promotion of POOLBIKING.

MAY 2012
POOLBIKING classes at FORM+ in Normandie, New Caledonia

Early in 2011, the Fitness Club FORM+ in Normandie, introduced POOLBIKING and POOLBIKING XTREM to their aquatic activities. This center is the reference point on the island for its innovation and exquisite service to clients.

[ see video FORM+ ]

MAY 2012
POOLBIKING at the Hotel Le Surf in New Caledonia

“Le Surf” hotel in Noumea (Grands Hotels chain in New Caledonian) has incorporated POOLBIKING in their aquatics program. The hotel staff has always given special significance to sports tourism. The most beautiful beaches in Nouméa are the perfect setting for activities such as surfing and scuba diving. A rigorous sports program designed by Mr. Jérôme Ringuede, is a delight for all POOLBIKING enthusiasts.

[ see video Hotel Le Surf ]

MARCH 2012

An innovative concept in aquatic fitness particularly addressed to SPA and Wellness areas of hotels. This concept allows to hotel users, to enjoy the practice all regular Fitness activities feasible on a GYM but inside the pool . According to comments of Hotel managers , clients wear the swimsuit but not sportswear. For that reason, there are no much people using the aquagym facilities.

February 2012
POOLBIKING in Tenerife

The OASIS FIESTA PARAISO hotel in Tenerife (Canary Islands) has incorporated POOLBIKING in its program of activities. Shortly the POOLBIKING activity will be practice in the rest of hotels of the same group. The company ENERGIE ACTIVE promotes the POOLBIKING activity and the instructor’s training in Canary Islands.

February 2012
POOLBIKE in the 1 (channel) of RTVE, Sunday Prime Time TV

The magazine broadcast +GENTE of RTVE of last Sunday 29th, talked about POOLBIKING the aquatic activity. The report displayed is a reliable sample of a POOLBIKING session. It took place in one of the pioneer fitness center in Spain in developing the activity. Benefits are commented and some users expressed their opinions. For those of you do not know the activity, this report will encourage you to try it and those who already know the reason to keep fit.

February 2012
POOLBIKING at the sea

At the request of our exclusive distributor in Polynesia, Mr. Robert Barraja, we have developed POOLBIKE aquabikes to be used into the sea and resting on the sandy beach. The quality of stainless steel AISI 316L and protective chemical treatments we carry out to all components allows us to offer a total warranty for machines that are used in seawater.

January 2012
POOLBIKING present on the Tahiti beaches

The luxury SOFITEL TAHITI MAEVEA BEACH RESORT located on the west coast of the island has acquired 10 POOLBIKING VERACRUZ aqua bikes specially for POOLBIKING activity at the sea. The sessions are very successful; cycling in the crystalline Pacific waters surrounded by tropical gardens is a pleasure that few can enjoy. The prestigious SOFITEL hotels belong to ACCOR group, first hotel chain in Europe.

[ Sofitel Maeva beach resort ]

January 2012
POOLBIKE present at the National Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Panama.

AQUAEXPLORADORES, exclusive distributor of POOLBIKE products in Panama, has supplied an aquatic bicycle POOLBIKING VERACRUZ and an aquatic treadmill ACAPULCO POOLTREKKING to the prestigious National Institute of Physical Medicine in Panama. This is a reference center in Central America for the quality of its medical team and its commitment to hydrotherapy. According to the Institute's medical team, these machines are the perfect complement to the aquatic therapy program; they balance speed and endurance, always getting the perfect set of muscular work whatever the user's physical condition.

January 2012
Athletic Club de Bilbao & POOLBIKING

The athletic Club joins the list of First Division Spanish Soccer Clubs that uses POOLBIKE machines for rehabilitation and physical recovery of their players. From POOLBIKE we wish a lot of success to all the team and to its team coach Paco Angulo, nowadays one of the most recognized trainers in the field of hydrotherapy.

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